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Plasma cutting machine
For the mechanised and the CNC-controlled cutting of electrically conductive materials Kjellberg Finsterwalde offers a wide range of plasma cutting technique, matching different requirements and demands. That expresses our continuous efforts for the advancement of the plasma cutting technique and technology. Besides the FineMarker, suitable for marking purposes, the following series of cutting installations are at disposal:
Plasma cutting inverter - easy to handle, for plasma gas air, therefore preferred for cutting of mild steel, torch air cooled.
  • CutFire 100i
  • CUTi 35C
  • CUTi 40
  • CUTi70
  • CUTi 90
  • CUTi 120
Step-switched power source for cutting of all metallic materials with multi-gas regime and water cooled Fine-Focus plasma torches.
  1. PA-S 25
  2. PA-S 45
  3. PA-S70
Power sources for heavy load and excellent cutting quality in a material range from 5 to160mm in connection with swirl-gas technology.
  1. FineFocus 450
  2. FineFocus 600
  3. FineFocus 800 PLUS
  4. FineFocus 1600
Hi Focus - technology for highest demands by using primary-switched inverters, suitable for thicknesses from 0.5 to 100 mm, marking function because of optimal process control included.
  1. HiFocus 80i
  2. HiFocus 130 PLUS
  3. HiFocus 160i PLUS
  4. HiFocus 280i PLUS
  5. HiFocus 360i PLUS
  6. HiFocus 440i PLUS

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