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Microstep Group
Microstep group is an association of companies co-operating in development, production and delivery of plasma, flame, water jet, laser cutting systems and other technologies. As the company founders had long-term experience in the area of multi-axis motion control systems, the development of control systems for CNC machine tools and cutting machines followed.
  • MIG/CNC plasma cutting machine
  • DRM / CNC drilling machine
  • SPL/CNC plasma cutting machine
  • Bevel PipeCut/ CNC plasma cutting machine
  • CombiCut/CNC Oxyfuel cutting machine
  • HS/CNC plasma cutting machine
  • OxyCut/CNC oxyfuel cutting machine
  • EasyCut/CNC oxyfuel cutting machine
  • AquaCut/CNC waterjet cutting machine
  • MicroLas/CNC laser cutting machine
MIG/CNC plasma cutting machine
The MIG series is meant for long lasting industrial inset and meets highest requirements on precision, performance and easy operation. The machines provide wide variety of applications: bevel cutting with plasma and oxyfuel, pipe, profile and dome cutting, drilling with automatic tool exchange, plate positioning with laser sensor or CCD camera, inkjet writing a. o.
DRM / CNC drilling machine
Special version of reinforced gantry for DRM machine dedicated for drilling up to Ø 30 mm and tapping up to M22. In combination with other gantry equipped with cutting technologies and advanced control system from Microstep Group it provides complex CNC processing abilities.
SPL/CNC plasma cutting machine
SPL machines are characterized by outstanding dynamic properties and modern design in combination with wide supply of technologies. The machines fulfill requirements of HD plasma cutting while meeting highest standards in productivity, efficiency and operability. They can be equipped with plasma rotator, drilling head, pipe positioned, plate alignment sensor a. o.A special heightened version enables oxyfuel cutting up to 250mm.
Bevel PipeCut/ CNC plasma cutting machine
Special version of bevel pipecut machine without cutting table dedicated for processing of heavy pipes according to customer demand. in combination with beveling plasma tool station and advanced software tools and libraries from Microstep Group this machine offers a variety of applications involving multiple intersections of pipes, domes and profile, creation of automatic welding volume, automatic marking of outlines with bevel over 45° (50°) for later processing a. o.
CombiCut/CNC Oxyfuel cutting machine
This robust high-precision CNC machine is designed especially for multiple-shift high-performance oxyfuel cutting. It allows cutting of steel up to 300mm, bevel cutting with several rotary triple torches, simultaneous cutting with more than 10 torches, combination of oxyfuel and plasma cutting, inkjet writing, plasma bevel cutting and also pipe processing.
HS/CNC plasma cutting machine
HS represents a high-precision CNC cutting machine of a gantry construction designed specially for HD plasma cutting while implementing latest developed plasma technology. Outstanding dynamic properties are achieved thanks to low-seated, double-side driven gantry, linear guideline system and racks with pre-stressed pinions in all axes. Besides drilling head and pipe positioned the machine can also be supplied with table with automatic exchange of grids.
OxyCut/CNC oxyfuel cutting machine
OxyCut represents a high-performance and reliable cutting machine of a gantry construction designed for fully automatic oxyfuel cutting or a combination of oxyfuel and plasma cutting. The machine is equipped with advanced gas control system with automatic setting of cutting parameters. It allows cutting by oxyfuel up to 200mm. it can be equipped with pipe positioned for cutting pipes up to Ø 1000 mm.
EasyCut/CNC oxyfuel cutting machine
EasyCut represents a high-performance and reliable CNC cutting machine of a gantry construction designed for plasma and oxyfuel cutting purposes which can be applied throughout the industry reaching from small workshops to big factories. Excellent dynamic properties are achieved with system of linear guidelines and racks with pre-stressed pinions in all axes. Included is automatic torch height control via plasma arc voltage.
AquaCut/CNC waterjet cutting machine
AquaCut machines represent high-precision CNC waterjet cutting technology designed for processing of wide variety of materials including those that cannot be subject to thermal or mechanical stresses. Pure water or abrasive cutting can be applied to metal, stone, marble, armoured glass, ceramics, plastics, wood, corrugated cardboard, foamed material as well as sandwich materials. Machine can be equipped with 5 axis rotary head and also combined with plasma technology.
MicroLas/CNC laser cutting machine
CNC laser cutting machine Microlas is designed for applications with highest demand on accuracy and cutting speed. Result is minimalisation of cutting expenses for big series of parts. Light and yet stabile construction of MicroLas together with linear guidelines and AC drives provides excellent dynamic properties. Default is table with automatic exchange of grids. Cutting thickness range of the machine can be enlarged by adding a plasma torch.
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