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Industrial Automation
  • PA01
  • UP Automation
  • Kavir
  • Kalout

This system is equipped to rotator table with 50kg capacity in zero position and 40 kg in position 90°. All the parts of this system are modular and as elective. Included parts:

  • Rotator table unit
  • Holder unit and torch controller in 6 axis
  • Support unit
  • Wire feeder unit
  • Place of cutting/welding machine
  • Pneumatic conservation unit
  • System controller unit
UP Automation

Up welding automation system is for making ring of heavy automobile included:

  • Changeable speed
  • Left / right selection
  • Welding timer
  • Automatic transfer of powder to above tank
  • Special bench for wire
  • Returning to first point after finishing every welding with the least possible fault
Up welding automation system for repairing of the metal wheel of sand machines


  • moving cross: left and right (step motor) and up and down (DC motor)
  • rotator table changeable with 120° swirl capability and load endurance 500kg
  • LC command unit(system act automatic completely)
  • support pneumatic

Environmental welding automation system (MIG/MAG) for making cylinder or tanks.

This system including:

  • rotator table with load endurance 1000 kg and changeable speed , right or left
  • mobile support
  • torch holder cross with capacitor high controller
  • PLC command sign

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